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The return of the darling: the essential accessory of 2023

Who would have thought that this iconic accessory from the 90s would make such a sensational comeback in fashion? It is indeed the scrunchie, this elastic covered with fabric, which is essential as the essential accessory of 2023. Discover the history of the scrunchie, the reasons for its big comeback, and the different styles of hairstyles but also materials that make him a must in current trends.

The story of the scrunchie and its comeback in fashion

The scrunchie was born in the 80s and had its heyday in the 90s. Used to tie hair, it was appreciated for its practicality and comfort. Fell into oblivion in the early 2000s, the darling has come back in force in recent years.

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The past popularity of the scrunchie

In the 90s, the darling was on everyone's mind. Celebrities and fashion icons wore it proudly, contributing to its popularity. Cult television series such as "Friends" or "Beverly Hills 90210" also participated in the development of this accessory, which quickly became a fashion symbol of the time.

The reasons behind his return to fashion

Several factors explain the return of the scrunchie in fashion. First of all, the "vintage" trend has contributed to the rediscovery of this accessory. Then, influencers and celebrities started reintroducing the scrunchie into their looks, giving it a new lease of life. Finally, the scrunchie is appreciated for its ability to preserve the health of the hair by avoiding breakage , unlike traditional elastics.

Different styles and materials of scrunchies

The chouchou is now available in a multitude of styles, materials and colors, adapting to all tastes and all occasions. Models in velvet for a retro style, in satin for a chic effect, in cotton for everyday life or even in imitation leather for a more modern touch, the darling is constantly reinventing itself. It is also available in different sizes, to suit all hair types and hairstyles.

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How scrunchies are adapting to current trends

The scrunchie is perfectly in line with current trends, which advocate comfort and durability. It is thus possible to find darlings designed from ecological and responsible materials, such as organic cotton or recycled fabric. In addition, the scrunchie allows you to express your personality and your style through the different models offered, by combining it with casual or more sophisticated outfits.

The chouchou, this flagship accessory of the 90s, has once again conquered the hearts of fashion enthusiasts thanks to its versatility, comfort and ability to adapt to current trends. Whether worn on the wrist as an accessory or used to tie up hair, the scrunchie is now a must-have for fashion and hair wellness enthusiasts. So don't hesitate any longer, treat yourself and adopt the scrunchie to bring a retro and trendy touch to your 2023 looks.

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