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Rosalie real silk scrunchie

Rosalie real silk scrunchie

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Invite elegance and softness into your hair routine with our pale pink silk hair scrunchie, Rosalie model. It is the refined hair accessory par excellence to delicately enhance any outfit.

This scrunchie, made from premium silk, features a delicate shade of pale pink that adds a touch of femininity and sophistication to your hairstyle. Silk is known for its exceptional softness and ability to reduce friction, which helps protect your hair from breakage and damage.

Whether you opt for a high ponytail, a low bun or even a half bun, the Rosalie scrunchie provides reliable hold while preserving the health of your hair. Thanks to its elasticity, it adapts to all types of hair, fine or thick, straight or curly.

Product Features :

  • Color: Pale Pink
  • Material: 100% real silk, soft and protective
  • Use: All hair types
  • Model: Rosalie
  • Care: Hand wash recommended to preserve the quality of the silk
  • Unique size

The benefits of silk scrunchies

Silk scrunchies offer many benefits for the hair, thanks to the unique and luxurious properties of this natural fiber.

Here are some benefits of silk scrunchies for your hair:

  1. Frizz Prevention: Silk, with its smooth texture, reduces friction between your hair and the elastic, reducing frizz and flyaways. Your hair stays smooth and silky throughout the day.
  2. Less breakage: Silk scrunchies help minimize friction on your hair during tying, reducing the risk of breakage and split ends. The softness of silk helps preserve the quality of your hair and avoid damage caused by traditional elastics.
  3. Delicate Hold: Silk scrunchies provide a soft, secure hold for your hair without over-tightening it. This helps prevent unwanted marks and tension on the scalp, while keeping your hairstyle in place.
  4. Retains moisture: Unlike other materials, silk does not absorb moisture from your hair. By using a silk scrunchie, you help retain your hair's natural moisture, preventing dryness and split ends.
  5. Scalp Comfort: Silk is hypoallergenic and has natural antibacterial properties, making it ideal for people with sensitive or irritation-prone scalps.
  6. Elegant Aesthetics: Silk hair scrunchies add a touch of elegance and luxury to your hairstyle. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to match them to your outfit or your mood for the day.

In summary, silk scrunchies are a versatile and beneficial hair accessory, combining style and functionality while keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

Item details

To be worn without moderation with a bun, a hair tail or as a bracelet around the wrist.

Country of manufacture: France 🇫🇷

Fabric origin: Europe (Italy)

Supplied in an organza pouch


Shipping is done within 3 working days.

The delivery time is 2 to 4 working days depending on the delivery method chosen.

  • Delivered in its box
  • Wash 30°C
  • Drying in the open air
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